Here's a new way to teach Presention

1    We combine conversation and presentation.  Why?

     A.  Improving one improves both.

     B.  Students deserve conversation ability in the topic they are presenting

2    To free up class time for conversations, we use narrated videos.  Why?

     A.  This forces you to practice for two hours.

     B.  They improve your voice, you find your mistakes, it leaves a permanent record,

          and they are an important skill.

3    We use personally relevant topics, with specific details from your life.  Why?

       A.  Stop trying to learn the whole English language.  

       B.  Become fluent in yourself and your major.  You will be the topic of your job interview.


If you prefer in class presentations, narrated videos are excellent preparation.

Improve your voice, not your memory

PREVIEW VIDEO: Watch me first

DETAILS: Watch next



Everthing students need is in the book and website:

Audio, Video, Instructions, Examples, and templates for MS Word, PowerPoint and Keynote.

Students make, narrate and watch presentations AT HOME, and talk about them IN CLASS.

No research

No memorizing

A lot of practice

A lot of conversations

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These are persuasive academic presentations, that will help on a job interview.

Conversations are about Presentations, and both improve.

This is not a teacher talking course