As your voice improves, so does your English.

And you'll have the videos to prove it.

No research

No memorizing

A lot of practice

Conversations are about Presentations, and both improve.

Really?  Yes.

After spending hours making their presentation, students are very eager to talk about it. Just add partners.

Improvement is guaranteed. Half your partners are better speakers, and half are better at making presentations.

Students give help, and get help. In English.

They spent hours making it. Give them a chance to talk about it. Trust me, they'll talk.

No research

No memorizing

A lot of practice

A lot of conversations

There's no need for teacher talk

Instructions and information are in the book or video. Students can read or watch as many times as they like.

Presentations are like Tennis

You learn the rules in 10 minutes.  Improvement after that comes after a lot of practice.